Solstice - Race Information

Summer Solstice 2022 - Entries Closed

Race starts on Friday 17th June at 7:30pm

This will be the tenth year of this midsummer evening 10km road race organised by Grantham Running Club in the quiet lanes around Long Bennington. It promises to be an even better event than last year with a 900 limit and chip timing. The accurately measured course whilst not pancake flat has delivered many 'seasons best' and a few elusive pb's. This is also an ideal course to attempt your first 10k race. The HQ will be at the Long Bennington Sports Pavilion offering toilets, changing rooms and off road car parking in an adjacent field.

All finishers will receive a Complimentary FINISHERS Bag including:

  • Medal
  • Ale (Over 18's)
  • And a few other things...
  • The Lincolnshire Runner will also be attending the event with its mobile retail stall with plenty of offers on running shoes and running clothing. If anyone wants anything specific bringing to the race just get in touch by phone (01522 523326) or email by 12 noon on the day of the race. Any shops friends please come across and say hello.

    Food, licensed bar, tea, coffee & cake - to be confirmed

    Entries close at midnight on the 12th June 2022, unless race limit is reached earlier. Please see Terms and Conditions.

    Entries can be transferred for a fee of five pounds using our EventBright page. Proceeds will be donated to the Grantham Foodbank.


    The race will start at 7:30pm prompt. There will be a rolling road closure for most of the route in the direction of the race, please be aware that vehicles can travel on the other side of the road.

    Runners will be required to run in accordance with the Highway Code and in single file wherever possible.

    It is a fairly flat course with 33m of ascent and 33m of descent, a course profile is on our website. There is one drinks station for water at 6km. There is also a first aid station here as well as one at the finish. If you witness a fellow runner injured, or in difficulty, please make sure a marshal has been informed before you continue your run.

    The start is situated a few hundred metres from Race HQ and will be clearly signed. There are no toilets at the start area. The start area will remain live to traffic until the road closure is put in place at 7:20pm. Runners who get to the start prior to this time are requested not to block the road and to assemble in the car park adjacent. To help ensure a smooth start we will indicate time boxes at the roadside.

    Once the race has started runners will have the use of both carriageways for approximately 200 metres, after which you will be guided onto the nearside carriageway only. Runners are reminded to run on the left hand side throughout the race. This is for your own safety and is the shortest route round the course.

    The finish line is just before the gateway as you re-enter Race HQ. There will be a gantry making it clearly visible. When you finish, please move off the carriageway onto the playing fields, along the funnel and collect your bottle of beer, memento and refreshments. NOTE: The wearing of headphones is strictly prohibited and any runners found wearing them will be disqualified.

    Race Numbers

    Race Numbers will be posted along with the final communique the week before the race, you will be notified by email when you race pack has been posted.

    Each race number has an RFID chip attached to the back, pre-loaded with your details.

    Race numbers must be attached securely to the front of your vest/ T-shirt for the race. Please complete the short medical questionnaire on the reverse of the number.

    Failure to wear your number will mean your time and placing can’t be recorded. We request that you do not transfer your number to a fellow runner without letting us know, see transfer menu.

    Lost/transferred numbers should be reported at Race Reception on the night or before by e-mail to


    If you have entered the race but are unable to take part, you may transfer your entry to another runner for a fee of £5 until 23:30 on Sunday 12th June.

    Note: All proceeds from transfers will be donated to the Grantham Foodbank.

    You will need the following information of the runner you wish to transfer your entry to

  • First & Surname
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • email address
  • Mobile Number
  • Club (if applicable)
  • Affiliation Number [ URN] (if applicable)
  • Start List

    Last update: 16 June 2022

    Summer Solstice 2022


    Results will be posted inside the pavilion. If you have provided a mobile number your results will be texted to you and all runners will also be e-mailed their results.

    Contact Telephone

    Race Day: 07933 118835

    Race HQ

    The Race HQ is just off the A1 north of Grantham. There are toilets, including disabled facilities, at Race HQ as well as changing rooms and showers. There is plenty of parking, so please keep the course clear by using the car parks provided.

    Course Details

    General Data Protection Regulations

    To be updated

    Terms & Conditions

    By entering this event you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and any race instructions given by the race organisers. The Summer Solstice Road Race is delivered in accordance with UKA Rules and regulations and is organised by Grantham Running Club.

    1. 1. Entry to the event is £18 for affiliated and £20 for non-affiliated runners. By affiliation we mean a runner that holds a UKA Competition License. The entry system at Run Britain will automatically check this requirement.

    2. 2. You can only enter the race via Run Britain. There are no entries on the day.

    3. 3. Anyone who will be aged 17 or older on or before the 17th June 202022 may apply for entry to the race.

    4. 4. Applications will be accepted up to the entry limit of 900 in the order of date received at the race office and subject to entry closure date.

    5. 5. In the interest of health & safety the Race Director at his discretion may reduce the entry limit.

    6. 6. Entries can be transferred to another runner up to 11th June 2022 23:59. Please see transfer menu for additional information

    7. 7. Only one application per person will be accepted; any fees processed due to individuals submitting duplicate entries are refundable at the Race Directors discretion. Please check the entry list before entering if you are unsure.

    8. 8. Members of affiliated clubs will automatically be entered into the Team category and the team will be made up from the order the runners finish. The team number will be your affiliated club. For the team category prizes, men’s teams will consist of 4 members, women’s teams of 3 members and mixed teams of 6 members. The teams will be ranked by the lowest combined finishing positions of their respective runners.

    9. 9. Runners can only win one individual prize each and will automatically be allocated the highest value prize.

    10. 10. We reserve the right to refuse to allow you to participate in the event at the start, or to continue participation at any point along the route of the event, should you be deemed to be behaving inappropriately or give cause for concern that your continued participation may cause offence or injury to yourself, any spectator or other competitors. This includes the wearing of any clothing or visual message that may cause offence.

    11. 11. Failure to comply with an instruction from race officials will result in disqualification and ejection from the race.

    12. 12. Race numbers must be displayed on your front. Anyone not displaying an official race number or displaying it in an inappropriate way will be removed from the race.

    13. 13. Closing date for all entries is midnight 12th June 2022 or when the race limit has been reached, whichever comes first.

    14. 14. All entrants are required to finish the race in under one and a half hours. Anyone still on the course after 90 minutes will be considered a walking pedestrian and must follow the highway code.

    15. 15. The wearing of headphones (including those that conduct sound through bones) and other music playing devices is not permitted. This is for your own safety, as listening to music during a race may distract you from being able to hear instructions from race officials and other runners on the course. Anyone wearing headphones during the event will be disqualified.

    16. 16. No pets or other animals are permitted in the race.

    17. 17. If any visually impaired athlete needs a guide to help them round the course there will be no entry fee for the guide and they will not be eligible for any prizes.

    18. 18. The decision of the Race Referee in terms of prize allocation is final.

    19. 19. By entering the event you give permission for relevant information you have provided to be given to our first aid providers.

    20. 20. By entering the event you give permission for the free use of your name or photograph in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or other marketing of this event.